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There’s not much to tell this year since I started work. I am stressed and choose to sleep on the weekends hence I don’t have much art.

2017 art
posted on deviantArt

Although this year wasn’t as productive, there are good things that happened that welcomed 2017.

I passed my Japanese Language Proficiency Test for N5 ! It was announced on the day of my birthday.
2017 N5

Also on the day of my birthday, Kojima Hideo retweeted my doll.
2017 babylou
(posted on the 23rd, he retweeted the next day)

And I have finally acquired a passport! Hopefully this year I can visit Japan!
2017 passport
(it's inside on my lovely Darth Vader passport holder)

My new year goals are simple but still hard and for sure the end result will be satistying.

Diet. Well for starters, I’m going to give up on chips and soda which so far (as of 1/9) I am able to avoid. Then I’m going to go up hill from there.

Drawings. I have completely ignored drawing. So this year, I am again going to attempt complete 12 drawings, on for each month. I am going to give up on doing nail art and crafts for this year so I can concentrate of drawing. But of course I will try to still do them if I can.

Study. Ever since my brother’s phone gave up on me I completely stopped studying. In addition to that I moved to another work building and this time it has a lot of restrictions so it’s harder to bring my study materials. So I have to make time to study at least on the weekends.

That's it for 2017 and it’s late but...

How I make Masks

There are many ways to make a mask, there’s the balloon and newspaper method, there’s the aluminum foil method and there are some that actually use a face cast for special effects. But this is my favorite method at the moment.

Things used:
~ mask base (canvas style not the plastic type) *
~ light air dry clay and container (preferred brand: Sakura) **
~ paints (acrylic work best for me)
~ pieces of card board (I tend to keep scraps for this kind of purpose)
~ glue
~ tape
~ sand paper (rough and fine) ***
~ garter or string or ribbons

Tools used:
~ scissors
~ brushes
~ cutter

Let's start!

Map out the design that you wanted. In this case since I needed to reshape the face of this mask I proceeded to start adding the layers I need. Don’t be afraid to play around and make mistakes, it’ll be covered with clay anyways. Also have reference picture with you, it would help a lot.


It’s okay to have corners and gaps; you can later fill them in with air dry clay. Once you think you have the basic shape of your mask start to attach the garter. I prefer to add them at this time so the garter would be hidden. But if you want the garter or string to be showing, you have simply make a hole in there then make sure not to cover the hole when adding the clay.

makingmask03 (2)
(picture is from when I was making a Fox mask from Persona 5)

The air dry clay part needs for you to be quick. As the name implies, this type of clay dries up by simply leaving it in the open. So have a sealable container for your clay and take little parts of clay that you would use. It’s a little bit of work but it ensures that you are not wasting any clay.

makingmask02 (1)

When working with this clay, it will slowly dry up and leave lumps and that’s ok. You don’t need to unsure that it dries smoothly, so just work on it. It depends on you on how thick or thin you want the clay but just make sure you would have a lot to work on when you start to finalize the mask. In case you need to add engraved details, just add them before in dries.

Once you think you have enough clay or all the details in, just leave it to dry. I’m not really sure how quick this clay dries but I left mine for a week (I have work so sometimes I don’t have time to make things after shift) but you would know it’s fully dry once you feel the clay is hard and not firm or springy underneath the surface. The surface of the clay dries the quickest (of course) so the underneath part needs time.

makingmask03 (1)

Again, it’s ok for your mask to be lumpy because you can just use sandpaper to smoothen it down; using sandpaper also help to add the engraved details. From what I observed the rough sand paper helps to make sure to remove the lumpy areas and the fine sand paper make sure to make the surface will be smooth.

Once you are happy, just paint it! For kitsune mask, there are a lot of variations but I went with this basic one and the most common (I guess). I also like to use acrylic cause the finish looks almost shiny and I feel like that I don’t need to use a clear protectant.


This is the finished product. It’s not perfect but it works.

Some notes:

* I suggest using the canvas style because the clay sticks to it better. I’m not sure if the same outcome will happen with the plastic type.

** I used the most common air dry clay available and my problem with this is that its heavy and it cracks. So don’t use it for this case. I have to say though I did use it for my Psycho mask and although the cracks help with the design, it’s not useful for anything else.


*** I’m not an expert when it comes with sandpaper, so if you know what you are doing, use that instead. Also maybe you can share your knowledge and tell me how to choose sandpapers for certain conditions. I only knew to use sandpaper because I read an article about it but it didn’t say what to choose.

With this process I have done a bunch of masks especially from the series Persona 5. I’m still thinking of making a Son of the Harpy mask from Game of Thrones and the Clown mask from D. Grey Man. I’m also thinking of making another Psycho mask from Until Dawn and another Kitsune mask from Persona 5. And maybe another Kitsune mask with minimal design.

Persona 5 masks: Fox, Panther, Joker and Skull


GYO or fully titled as "ギョ うごめく不気味" and titled in English as "Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack".

I don't remember how I found out that there was a movie adaptation of this but ever since that day I tried to watch it. When I finally found a copy I was actually a little hesitant to the point that I was putting off on watching this cause I remembered that Uzumaki had a movie adaptation and it sucked. At the time I didn't even know who Junji Ito is but I know the movie adaptation of Uzumaki sucked. But this is animated and I thought there were crazy things in Uzumaki and it didn't work right for live movie adaptation so maybe this'll be different.


The story follows Kaori, she and her friends Aki and Erika were in a graduation trip to a vacation house in Okinawa owned by Tadashi's uncle. Tadashi is Kaori's fiance and he didn't go due to the fact he didn't like being near the ocean. As soon as Kaori and her friends arrive in the house, they were greeted by a foul stench and later a little creature started running around the house. Kaori was able to kill it by trapping it in between the wall and a cabinet and later she threw it away. However this creature which is a fish with legs manages to escape and float away in the plastic bag it is thrown in. After the incident Kaori told Tadashi about the incident and the next day more fishes with legs infested the streets of Okinawa. It was just running around the city but later a shark with legs attacked Kaori and her friends. They escaped with Erika a little wounded. After being cut off from their phone call with Tadashi, the worried Kaori hurried to go back to Tokyo to find her fiance. In the station, Kaori met Shirikawa a reporter. There Shirikawa learned that Kaori is going to Tokyo to find her fiance. Getting a lead that a man named Koyanagi might have answers, Shirikawa decided to tag along Kaori knowing that Koyanagi is Tadashi's uncle.

I usually would say that the source material is the best but this one is good too. I'm not saying it was the best rendition but it is good enough to watch if you are too lazy to read the manga.

The one thing I like about this is the reversal of roles. In the manga the main protagonist is Tadashi and I remember being annoyed with Kaori because she complains a lot due to her hyper sensitive sense of smell. But in this story, Kaori is the lead character and somehow it made the story tolerable to watch.

The flow of story was good and almost like the original story. I also like that they cut off the original ending of the manga cause that part in the manga made me crave for more. It was represented in a simpler way in the ending of the movie.

The animation was simple and not to overwhelming to watch. No details to watch out for, basically it was focused more on the characters. There were some 3D animation in there but not a lot. One thing that I noticed is that they are tried to capture Junji Ito's style but most of it are on the characters's eyes. Which I think is cool as a nudge to Junji Ito and a way to catch the attention of the watchers. To me it was a little weird, couldn't they just darken that part? But then again it does work.

However there were also some scenes that seemed unecessary like Erika's threesome scene, the tentacle-rape-like of Kaori and a couple naked/suggestive scenes. I normally don't wait for the end credits but it made me watch it intently. I was hoping and praying that Junji Ito has nothing to do with the movie script cause that was just seriously unecessary. And thank goodness he's not.

Would I recommend this? Yes, for those too lazy to read a 19 chapters story. But I seriously would still urge and recommend read the manga.

弟の夫 Vol. 1 & 2

I was randomly clicking around my favorite Yaoi manga site when I came across a one shot manga and the situation is pretty intense. I wasn’t particularly attracted to it but I was curious enough to check more from the recommendations from the same artist. And when I said intense I mean the theme usually are Bara (or muscled men) and they through BDSM, torture, and even rape. It’s really not for the faint of heart. But one manga (or in this case 2), were listed as Slice of Life. And just judging from the cover photo, its pretty safe to read in public.


The Title is 弟の夫 (Otouto no Otto) which means My Younger Brother’s Husband. Reading through it, it would seem it’s not by Gengoroh Tagame cause of the story but the art style is definitely his.

Yaichi has a younger twin brother who recently died. His brother’s name is, Ryoji, and he left to Canada where he met Mike and eventually they got married. Mike visited Yaichi’s home where he and his young daughter Kana live. Because of Kana’s accepting manner (and also since she was excited to find that she got a Canadian uncle), Mike stayed in their home. Though reluctant, Yaichi agreed.

The manga tackles topics of gay marriage and single parenthood. And each chapter not only introduces you to the characters but what they through. My favorite story is chapter 13 titled Hot Chocolate. In this chapter a teenage boy named Ogawa Kazuya (an older brother of one of Kana’s friend) was stalking their home. Kazuya wanted to talk to Mike because he haven’t talked to anyone in person about his sexuality. And I have to say that made me cry so much (just writing about this made me tear up a bit) cause these kind of things happen in real life.

The story setting is in Japan so you have to expect that their lifestyle is quite conservative. And I have to say it’s quite forgiving cause Japanese (from what I heard) are on the quiet side and would just avoid such conflicts. But can you imagine if this happen in countries where it is illegal to be gay? Where they could throw you in jail, or bully you or even torture you for your preference? It’s just going to be a whole different story and it could be worst than Gengoroh Tagame’s one shots.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this manga is Mike’s Gay Culture Lectures. Basically they are facts that are inserted before a story chapter and it is quite informative. Like in chapter 6, where it was explained what the symbol means in Mike shirt in the cover art of Vol. 1. That symbol, the pointed down pink triangle, were one of the badges used in Nazi concentration camps to identify male prisoners accused of homosexuality. I didn’t really know that, the only thing I knew about Nazi is that they killed Jews. And due to my curiousity I looked it up and I found something a bit more interesting. The symbol that were given to them is now still being used by the gay community except this time the the symbol is not a pointed up hot pink triangle. Talk about pulling strength from the past.

I don’t think the story is complete but it didn’t end in so much of a cliffhanger that I wouldn’t be able to deal. But like I said the chapters tackled different issues in each chapter however you can’t help but fall in love with these beautiful characters and how these situation affect their lives. Also there was this part where Mike thought that he won’t leave yet because of the promise he made to his husband. I think it’s kinda obvious but at the same time I’m still curious. Of course I searched if there are more chapters coming and it seemed that Vol. 3 is already out (it was posted in a different site). I haven’t read it yet to see if it ends there or there is a need for Vol. 4 (yes, that’s how much I liked this story).

While also searching, I found that Gengoroh Tagame is also gay which shouldn’t surprise me but I’m glad that he is writing this story. In this age where there are still people who’ll bully you or downright shut you down for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transexual, it takes courage to tell your story and openly tell the world who you are. I know the world a little bit more accepting but we still have a long way to go. And although I don’t think it’s his personal story, with this story out there I can only hope that somehow someone could at least respect these individuals. No need to accept it immediately but respect is a step closer for the better.

I love this story a lot and believe me if I go to Japan and even if I won’t be able to read it yet, I’ll definitely buy this book.

Resident Evil x L`arc-en-ciel

When I first heard about this is about late last year during the promotion of Resident Evil 7 (game) and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (movie). I was excited! I have seen what a VR concert looks like with Project Diva and I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to have L`arc-en-ciel singing right in front of me. This is also made to celebrate Resident Evil’s 20th anniversary.

residentevil x larcenciel (1)

I honestly have forgotten about this until bro showed it to me through the PS Store. It cost extra and it didn’t really come with the game. We bought it and as soon as it was ready I tried it. The PSVR was already ready for it. So I started it up and it opened with the usual settings.

It opens with a car going through a highway. It would seem that you have crashed or ran out of gas since there is a motorcycle nearby. There are 2 option, one for the music video and the other is for the character details.

In this feature (cause I can’t call it game), you are literally a passenger. As you go through the city, you and your driver come across some driver. In fear the driver stepped out hoping to run away only to be attacked by zombies. You are stuck in the car (although in real life more or less you’ll try to get away and possibly drive). Then when it looks like all hope is lost Hyde, Tetsuya, Ken and Yukihiro comes to the rescue. When all the zombies are down, the 4 men would check up on you with Hyde taking the driver seat to also serenade you with their song Don’t Be Afraid (fitting title right? lol). When you think you are finally safe, a Nemesis shows up killing everyone. Hyde tried to save you one final time by driving the car in reverse. Though successful, Hyde was captured by Nemesis and your car slids off as Nemesis kicks it off. Once again you are at the mercy of zombies. With the car surrounded (although again logically you’ll definitely try to run away), you are stuck in the car. Suddenly a police car stopped and out came Leon, shooting zombies. When most of the zombies are gone, a truck was speeding your way. Leon gestures you to get out but again you are stuck (seriously right?). The truck exploded. And out of the fire, Hyde, Tetsuya, Ken and Yukihiro walks out of the flame, reanimated as zombies.

residentevil x larcenciel (2)

I know I should have just posted a link to a YouTube video but I couldn’t really find a video that could give you the full experience cause obviously this is made for PSVR. But I’ll leave this link, it’s the closest that I can find. I also tried to take screenshots but like the video it was dark. In the game/video itself, it was wonderful to look at, it was detailed and I remember I’m just at awe. I remember squirming at my seat whenever the zombies were close by. I remember wanting to hug Hyde when he sat at the driver seat. It was so good to look at.

As I’ve mentioned there are 2 options, the other option basically lets you look at the 3D models of L`arc-en-ciel members in detail. You can choose whether you want them to stand in front of you or standing over your PS controller. There is also a choice to see their zombified character. There are also some sound clips from the band, where they would say, some lines from the game in English and Japanese (my favorite was the Jill sandwich line hahaha).

It was pretty entertaining, I think I watched it a couple of times (I had to stop since I was originally working on something hahaha).

At this point, I hope this is just the start not only for awesome VR games on PlayStation but also concern music videos from my favorite artists. I am seriously hoping Gackt would make one hahahaha







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